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Quinault Alaskan Malamutes - Run For The Red Lantern
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Quinault Alaskan Malamutes - Run For The Red Lantern

Visit The Kennel, Learn To Mush, Live The Life! - Testimonials

Mushing 101 Weekends (April through October) - Testimonials

Wow, we just got home from the most spectacular Learn To Mush. I just can't say enough positive things about it. Never, in my entire life, have I received this kind of one on one training. In fact, with Morgan, Peter, AND Twila, it was often two- or three-on-one training! One awesome aspect was that rather than training me to be a musher and my dogs to pull, they trained me to work with my dogs. I was the one asking them to move forward and remain tight. And I was the one faced with the malamute temper tantrum, and asking them to ignore passing dogs. Right from the start, Morgan seemed to read my dogs, and had an uncanny knack of knowing how I should instruct them. And it was so helpful to watch her work with some of the rescue dogs or puppies with similar difficulties. Upon arriving, I really didn't expect my mals, with their "pet" tainted upbringing, to do much more by the end of the week than stand in harnesses and look dumbfounded, and if someone told me that both of my silly mals would be pulling tires up hills or actually working in a team, I'd have said they were dreaming. Watching Morgan orchestrate a team of dogs is a beautiful thing. Twila is an encyclopedia of everything from dogs to yogurt, and Peter is the kind of guy you'd want your daughter to marry, if you were too old yourself :0) So, in addition to being successful beyond my wildest dreams, it was an archival vacation, with lots of exercise, activities, great food and company, and gorgeous scenery.

I've only been home one day and I already got a tire for the dogs to pull!

June 2012

My current dog, Jasmine, came to me from Twila Baker at Quinault Alaskan Malamute kennel way up in the Garnet Range above Garrison, MT. I was thrilled when I found out that Twila was going to offer a Learn to Mush course. Jasmine is my third Malamute but I've had no prior experience with dogsledding. Twila asked me what I wanted out of this trip. I told her that I wanted more than a dogsled tour. I wanted to learn about how they care for the dogs, train, harness, hook up the dogs, and of course, how to drive the dogsled. I got all that and more!

Morgan Buckingham and Peter Bartels were wonderful! They worked with us everyday. They took us out on the four-wheelers with the team hooked up to one of them on the first day. It was a thrill just to see the dogs run as a team. Morgan had us driving the sleds by ourselves by the end of the trip. We definitely bonded with the dogs. We fed them everyday, harnessed them, hooked them up to the ganglines, and then took care of them at the end of the day. I fell in love with several of them! We had wonderful brunches and dinners at the main house. Twila is an amazing cook!

This trip was the most fun I've had in years! I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to mush. And I will definitely be going back !

April 2012

I first met Twila Baker about one and a half years ago when I went with my girlfriend Stacie to meet a dog that Twila was retiring from her dog sled team. Stacie had recently lost her Malamute Taiga and was looking for a new dog. We traveled out to Garrison, MT and arrived at Twila's place in the mountains. She gave us the tour of the Malamute kennel area and introduced us to her thirty Malamutes. Stacie ended up adopting Jasmine and we picked her up a few weeks later. We got to play with two batches of puppies while we were at Twila's. Fast forward a year and a half, and we were back at Twila's learning how to mush with the same dogs, including now-grown puppies, Elvis, Enrique, Enya, Janis and Jimi.

We spent a total of four days learning how to mush. We started off with the basics the first morning by feeding, watering, brushing the dogs and cleaning up their kennel area. Our Mushing 101 instructors Morgan Buckingham and Peter Bartels were incredible! They had us handling the dogs like pros. On the final day we drove our own sleds with Morgan and Peter just along for the ride. We had a blast!

If you're looking for an adventure, don't just take a dogsled tour, learn how to mush! You'll feel like you just stepped into the world of Arctic explorers, gold rushers, native peoples of the Alaskan and Arctic regions, and the racers of the Iditarod. And Twila is a great host and an amazing cook. I highly recommend her Mushing 101 adventure.

April 2012

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Various Testimonials

Orca, Aly and I all made it home safely. The week far surpassed any expectations I may have had. I really didn't know what to expect. I was feeling inadequate with my "untrained" pups prior to arrival. But everyone was so great to help me begin their (and MY) training. I was thinking this adventure would help me decide if I really wanted to enter this sport. But now there is absolutely no doubt. We had a blast! I've watched and rewatched the videos. I can't believe I was so fortunate to be a part of this. Thank you Twila, Carson, Ash, Morgan, Peter, Neal and all my new friends.

May 2012

It was an amazing week! Even though I had not brought any of my own dogs I learned so much. I run Siberians And Alaskan Huskies. Having said that, this still applied to my future goals. I knew only about sprint racing and fast take offs etc. Everyone made it easy to understand the pulling is equally important, even more so if you want to do any distance running, not just long distance. In my opinion it is very important to train your dogs to pull not just run. These breeds were bred to run and pull. Twila Morgan Peter Neal really taught me the importance of having as much control as possible of all your dogs not just lead dogs. There is mushing with no tangles. So amazing to see teams of 12 16 &18 pull with no tangles. So much wealth of information to be learnt here. I highly enjoyed a non judgmental week of learning, roughing it, & great fun. Thank you everyone you ALL rock EH!

May 2012

It was so great to meet everyone and learn so much about mushing malamutes. Thank you to everyone for being so kind and for taking the time to teach me and answer my questions. Looking forward to future mushing adventures :)

May 2012

Cheers to the team!!! Had a blast hanging with such an awesome group of people. See you next year...( for the whole week ) I still have so much to learn

May 2012

Thanks you Twila, Carson, crew, handlers, and friends for such a great week. It was wonderful to spend time with you and the dogs in such a beautiful place!

May 2012

Wow Wee what a week with lots of wonderful people and dogs. Thank you!
Thanks for all the great company and food and training.
Running my dogs will never be the same. Ever. We (especially me) learned so much about what Malis are capable of, how much patience it takes and to trust the brains of your dogs to figure out what they need to do to work together. Can't wait to share this with my mushing friends.
Twila, Carson, Morgan, Peter, Neal (big kudos for the one-on-one), Chris, Jeremiah, Joyce, Michelle, Tracey, Veronica, Ash, and Luana. Love you all very much.

May 2012

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