Quinault Alaskan Malamutes - Run For The Red Lantern - Visit The Kennel, Learn To Mush, Live The Life!
Quinault Alaskan Malamutes - Run For The Red Lantern
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Quinault Alaskan Malamutes - Run For The Red Lantern

Visit The Kennel, Learn To Mush, Live The Life!

MUSH-ON (September through March)

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Quinault Alaskan Malamutes MushOn

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  Every winter our minds turn to mush.... Experience the thrill of being pulled through the snow by a team of Alaskan Malamutes as you travel at the Speed of Dog and take in the dramatic and beautiful scenery of SW Colorado!

Feel the rush of adrenaline,-the near silence of paws on the snow-as our impressive Iditarod-bound Alaskan Malamute teams pull you along gorgeous secluded trails. With the wind in your face, you will witness the thrilling views of Southwestern Colorado's mountain ranges, alpine lakes and streams. Our expert mushing guides are alert and at the ready to point out the abundant wildlife including deer, elk, moose, and maybe even bear.

Be a part of the process by helping tend to the dogs and team up before and after the ride.

    Half Day Tours-3 to 4 hours
  • Available for groups up to 4. Call for custom requests or if your group is just over party size limit.
  • Tours start out with a meet and greet with our beautiful dogs, all purebred Alaskan Malamutes. You will then receive a "Sleddog 101" introduction to the basics of running sled dogs; including commands, gear, and what to expect on your ride. If you like, you can help us hook the dogs up, and then we are OFF for your dogsledding adventure!
  • Upon return you will help thank the dogs for their hard work by praising and rewarding them with lots of love and affection. Hot drinks & cookies will be ready for your enjoyment, and you can even help us unhitch and take care of our canine athletes!
Meet Us Trailside $350 1-2 Guests/$585 3-4 Guests

Photoshoot with originals emailed at no charge. Box lunches or trailside gourmet meals available-call for details

Date Night, Full day, and multiple day remote tours available-call for details ~ 970-903-8141

Order MUSH-ON (September through March)

Casual Weekends with the Crew (April through October)
An introductory weekend with the Quinault Malamutes and mushers. Open to any one of average fitness level.

Typical schedule, although we can personalize it if you have special requests.

Friday: Arrive after noon
After getting settled in to your creek-side rustic cabin, enjoy a tour of the dog-yard, meeting each dog. Help feed the dogs followed by a home-cooked meal up at the main cabin. Afterwards enjoy stories and s'mores around the campfire before retiring for a good nights sleep.

Participate in morning chores (if you want) followed by breakfast then ride along on a training run. In the afternoon you can either spend time with the dogs, go for a hike in the backcountry (with bear spray-we have bears, including grizzlies), take one of our retired dogs for a walk, take a drive around the area or just relax before dinner. Enjoy a hearty dinner from the ranch, usually home reared lamb or beef, or game harvested locally followed by a soak in our wood-fired hot tub or another round of campfire stories.

Sunday Morning:
Get up early to join us on another training run (if you want) then enjoy another round of malamute hugs before enjoying a hot brunch to finish off the weekend.
Departure prior to 2pm.

$250 per person, 2 person minimum/4 person maximum. Email us about group rates and children under 6.

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  Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Ranch Vista

Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Riding With The Team

Quinault Alaskan Malamutes The Grub
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Mushing 101 Weekends (April through October)
Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Dry Land Sledding

Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Sledding

Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Deck View
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  A much more interactive weekend than our Meet The Crew weekends, this package is perfect for those that are interested in learning how to run sleddogs and want a hands-on experience. Open to any one of average fitness level.

On this "Mushing 101" weekend, you'll spend your Friday evening at the dog yard receiving hands-on training in dog care & harnessing, dog handling and safety.

You will stay creekside in our rustic wood-heated cabin and enjoy a hearty dinner at the main house.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings we will harness, hook up and embark on training runs. You will learn our training methods, not only observing but also participating in training our team(s) on the trails.

You will enjoy different trails every day with fresh photo opportunities, and when you get back to the dog yard each night you will assist in rewarding the team for their hard work, unhooking, unharnessing and bedding down the dogs.

We will feed you another hearty dinner at the main house on Saturday evening, and send you off with a wonderful brunch farewell party on Sunday afternoon.

$500 per person, 2 person minimum/4 person maximum/minimum age 16

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  Testimonials from Mushing 101 Graduates!

Learn-To-Mush Clinics (April-June and September-December)
Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Learn To Mush
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  Stepping it up a bit from our Mushing 101 Weekends, at a LTM (Learn To Mush) Clinic we work with you and YOUR dogs; at the end of three and a half days of intensive hands-on instruction we provide you with the tools, techniques and skills to continue to train your team at home.

Since we keep our groups very small, there is a lot of individualized instruction. We can also tailor these clinics to fit your specific needs. LTM Clinics are open to all breeds of dogs that are large and strong enough to pull you on a sled or rig. We request that you bring no more than 4 dogs to these clinics-working with a very small team is more conducive to our training methods.

$650 per person/team, 2 person minimum/maximum. 4 dog maximum. Only 2 teams per clinic

Order Learn To Mush Weekend (April-June and September-December)

Guided Expeditions

For the adventurer at heart! These trips are more custom, based on fitness level, group size and age of participants. Our guides are trained wilderness experts with degrees in Outdoor Adventure....assuring you of an experience of a lifetime!

Weekend Warrior Expeditions (December through March)
On these 3 day weekend trips we will travel every day by dog team to a new camp and group size is limited to four.

Since the itinerary is linear (point A to B) these trips provide the opportunity to see more country and to travel further by dog team.

These weekends also allow extra time for cross country skiing and snow shoeing from camp in winter/spring.

We typically leave from base Friday afternoon, camp Friday & Saturday evenings on the trail and return to base Sunday morning.

Several options available for these weekends, email for more information.

Typical cost-$950 per person, minimum/maximum 4, minimum age 16. Fitness level-above average.

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  Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Sledding

Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Sledding
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Winter Explorer Expeditions (January-March)
Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Sledding

Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Sledding

Quinault Alaskan Malamutes Sledding
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  (Only one per month available, January-March. 2013 schedule will be posted soon, book early-since there are only 3 available they fill up fast)

Hansen's Park Loop (4 nights/5 days) 4 nights total, 4 nights/5 days on trail.

Enjoy the scenic highlights of the Granite Mountains, with the Pintlers on one side and the Saphires on the other.

Visiting this beautiful country late winter through early spring is a real treat; January means short days, brisk temps and generally clear skies, February is slightly milder but with deeper snow, March is lovely with deep snow, mostly sunny days and warmer temps.

We will be stationary at Hansen's Park on day 3 for plenty of snowshoeing and skiing opportunities.

Typical cost-$1,275 per person, minimum/maximum 4, minimum age 16. Fitness level-Very Fit

Order Winter Explorer Expedition (January - March)


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